Essential Nourishing Lip Oil

Essential Nourishing Lip Oil

At Burmese Dream, our collection of essential nourishing lip oils was designed with one thing in mind…to nourish our lips with the highest quality ingredients around. Our lips are some of the most powerful features on our face. The condition of our lips can say a lot and when they are properly nourished, they are kissable, powerful and can make anyone listen to the words flowing out of our mouth.

We created the essential nourishing lip oils to bring the women of Australia and beyond the softest, juiciest, most healthy lips. All our lip oils are made with skin friendly, healthy, and non-toxic ingredients.

Our essential lip oils combine the following ingredients to bring a silky, smooth finish…

  •         Jojoba oil
  •         Moringa oil
  •         Vitamin E
  •         Sweet almond oil

What Our Lip Oils Do

Our essential lip oils bring you a beautiful shine while conditioning, treating, and plumping your lips. At Burmese Dream, we created the essential lip oil line to bring our customers a flawless finish that will enhance their natural beauty and make them feel more confident in their own skin (and lips)!

Our lip oils come in four different shades…

  1.       Babe, a sweet, soft pink to bring out the feminine side of your lips.
  2.       Gold Digger offers a shine finish without a bold color for a more natural look.
  3.       Juicy, a soft juicy pink that will make your lips kissable and irresistible.
  4.       Peachy, a light peach color that will soften your lips and enhance your natural glow.

All our lip oils can be paired with a liquid lipstick for the ultimate color and shine. Every woman should have a nourishing lip oil in her beauty tool kit to keep her lips looking and feeling as kissable and soft as ever!

Lip Oils that Won’t Break the Bank!

At Burmese Dream, our goal is to bring the ladies of Australia and beyond beautiful, luxurious essentials at an affordable rate. And, although we are committed to keeping our products affordable, we do not compromise quality. We use the highest quality ingredients that are natural, safe, and non-toxic and continue to take pride in providing or customers with the beauty essentials they need.

Our founder was born in Burma (Myanmar) and created Burmese Dream to help other women, just like her, find their inner beauty and power. After living a life of hardship, she decided to create something that would enhance her dreams while empowering the women around her. With every essential lip oil you purchase, a piece ($.20) will go back into the communities that need it most.

At Burmese Dream, we are more than a makeup company. We are built on dreams, kindness, and support. Our lip oils not only help women to feel their best, but we also hope they inspire women to be bold, brave, gentle and authentic to who they are and where they come from. We hope that as you look through our collection you will feel inspired to be your best self.

Let those lips shine lovelies!